Introducing tumblr pbot

Journaling can be difficult sometimes, you need to have your book with you, you are not sure where to start, you get distracted. These are problems faced by many of us.

Tumblr pBot helps you get started on your journaling in as little steps as possible. Just start typing and send it, and up or goes onto tumblr.

Want a private journal, no problem, just make your tumblr page private, and nobody will be able to access your private thoughts.

Want to review your entries? Since everything is uploaded onto tumblr, you can make use of tumblr post management system to review and read through all your entries.

Want to categorize your entries? Use tags. Tumblr’s tagging system is supported in the pBot. Simply add in the tags at the end of your posts and it will be immediately uploaded with tags attached.

Don’t know how to start? Even better. Using telecom’s text messaging interface makes it feels like you are typing to a friend, making it easier to pour out all you have to say.

Getting distracted from writing? pBot is as minimal as it gets, you can now focus on what you are writing. Since its so accessible, you can get in, pour out your thoughts, and get back to whatever you are doing.

Try it out now. Or visit the bot page.


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