Starting a new development blog

I have been working on some scripts and some applications for now and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if someone out there knew that I am doing all these? Wouldn’t it be great if someone shared their projects so that the next time I want to do something, I have something to start with?

Well, this is what it will be for. This will for the projects that I have worked on for now. In the past, I have managed to come up with some interesting ideas and have worked on quite a number of them. To date, these projects are quite unique and this, I hope, will be a good platform to share it too.

Lastly, this will also act kind of like a code repository for my scripts. These scripted are often my submission to programming problems. Since I am quite new in this, please do correct me or provide any advice in any matters you feel should be improved on.

Okay, really really lastly. I hope that having this will prompt me to really write more programs and write more scripts and if possible, even learn to make simple games. Yep, that is all,