Review: Smashing Physics by Ron Butterworth

Butterworth is one of the experimental physicist responsible for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In Smashing Physics, he gives a glimpse of the modern physics world, the theory, the knowledge and some of the concerns that shakes the community.

Butterworth’s writing makes it very easy to understand the concepts. Although he does not dwells into the mathematics behind the theories, he has given his readers a rather deep overview of what modern physics consist of.

Throughout the book, there are sections filled with explanations, explaining and describing to the readers are quarks are, what the standard model is, how the experiment works. All this is very interesting knowledge.

To contrast the inherent technical nature of the book, Butterworth also includes many short stories about his travels around the world as a physicists attending conventions. All these provide the much needed mental break after each information dump.

The book is a great introduction to particle physics. Butterworth has put in much effort to explain his concepts by describing his thinking process. It is a great book to get you hooked to learning more about modern physics.

As for the sketchnotes, I tried as hard as I can do include the information, but if there are any errors or mistakes about the physics, do drop me a comment to inform me. Thanks.